Core Ideology

Our core ideology, 'To Enable Individuals to realize their potential and make their career dreams come true' is our reason for being. It guides and underlies our goals and actions. The ideology comes to life in our interaction with students, stakeholders and co-workers. Even as we constantly adapt ourselves to the needs of a rapidly changing world, we believe our commitment to our core ideology and vision have shaped our character and the values that define us.

Risk Taking

Acting decisively on the basis of sound judgment and intuition; and learning from mistakes and sharing the learning:

The risk taking practice has been established at CL by its founders and still lived and breathed. We commenced our operations in 1996 and we believe that Career Launcher has been established as a well recognized brand in the education sector. What is critical is being decisive at all times, raising risk flags with your manager, and being ready and flexible to change roles as per organizational requirement. Despite this entrenched risk taking ability, we are no mavericks, and truly have a 'method in all the madness' as some like to call it.


Being simple and approachable, sharing information with customers and the team regularly, and encouraging feedback and initiatives from team members:

Sharing information is crucial to a healthy atmosphere in an office. This could be business information like revenue and profitability numbers, or strategic in nature like expansion and diversification strategies, in good times or bad, CL promotes a highly open culture for organizational announcements. This value is extended to staff and they are encouraged to voice their opinions and feedback on any matter to anyone, irrespective of the seniority of the audience. Providing feedback to people is greatly encouraged and is used as an important tool to employee growth. Public recognitions of achievements are the norm, and the leadership team is approachable for support, co-operation and consultation.


Being an organization with a very high degree of customer contact, CL fosters a deep rooted sense of ownership across various facets. From owning a resolution to closure by the person who has the first contact with the customer, to offering solutions to problems that are internally raised, and accepting responsibility for actions & carrying team forward in a crisis situations. CL has a healthy culture of ownership. Raising early alarms, supporting and mentoring team members, knowing your own responsibility and delivering to it, and overcoming ambiguity to ensuring tasks are completed on time are but a few examples of how CL staff lives the Ownership value.


Communicating clearly and specifically to customers the deliverables and our expectations from them:

Honesty and commitment to our customers is of paramount importance to CL's culture. This is prevalent in all facets of customer interaction starting from counseling a prospective customer, trying to ensure relevant quality standards are met for each product or service offered, and rationally making individual commitments and then subsequently working towards meeting them. Over-committing and under-delivering is taboo at CL.


Creating products / systems / processes that enhance the organization's effectiveness in meeting customer needs:

Innovation is encouraged both at a personal efficiency level and a customer effectiveness level. It encompasses implementable measurable improvement in one's own work leading to time and cost savings and increasing customer satisfaction. CL encourages honest mistakes in this endeavor and promotes out of the box thinking and subsequent logical closures to ideas.