Our AI Initiatives

The journey begins - of making our business & academic functions AI enabled!

Voicebots on Amazon Alexa

Now available, 4 voice-enabled educational skills on Amazon's Alexa Skill Store.

AI-Empowered Students

Over the years, Career Launcher has become synonymous with providing cutting-edge technology solutions for its students. These range from exam-performance prediction to college selection.

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aspiration.ai - A Unified Portal

Our newly launched AI-driven portal for families that integrates 20+ years of experience.

Amicus - Transforming the Learner Experience

Our recently launched conversational AI bot, Amicus, helps students learn about the various exams and colleges. The natural language processing power of AI delivers a highly impactful experience.

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Partnership with Amazon

To enhance India's educational-services landscape, CL Educate and Amazon have partnered to develop educational skills for voice-enabled bots.