AI-Empowered Students

Predictive Analytics

Using meticulous analysis of data, we are implementing Machine Learning in academics. Thousands of our students have been using our Percentile Predictor to calculate their scores based on past performance. Our MBA Profilizer too uses Data Science to recommend the right colleges based on a student's performance in practice tests.

Percentile Predictor

We analyze how each of our students performed in our Mocks throughout their preparation cycle. In addition, we consider their attempts in the actual CAT exam. Our AI-enabled CAT Percentile Predictor then checks the performance trend of the student; and based on years of diligently collected data, predicts the individual CAT percentile. As high as 95% of the time, the prediction is accurate.

MBA Profilizer

A tool that, by simply filling up a form, helps each of our CAT aspirants understand the top B-Schools they are eligible for; and the percentile they need to get calls from them. The MBA Profilizer takes into account the selection criteria of 23+ top B-Schools; and draws up a personalized profilizer report. The report lists the colleges that are a strong (or weak) match, based on the details provided in the form. It also includes information on the cut-off required to get a call from those B-Schools.

Personality Analysis

What's your locus of control? What is your personality type? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Are you right-brain or left-brain oriented?

With situational games, condition-based questions, essay writing, etc., our AI-powered Personality/Psychometric Tests analyze the answers provided; and reveal various aspects of the student's personality. A number of personality development exercises, readings, and check list of how to empower oneself on a daily basis are also included.

Customer Processing

We have successfully tested image-recognition services in validating our students' admit cards. The process of KYC for students' result validation has been sped up too.