Our AI Initiatives

The journey begins - of making our business & academic functions AI enabled!

Voicebots on Amazon Alexa

Career Launcher has released the first set of voice-enabled educational skills built on Amazon's Alexa platform. It is widely anticipated that conversational AI will radically transform how students interact with learning content, particularly on devices like the Amazon Echo. The ability to hold personalized conversations with every learner, using natural language-based voice interaction, is a great way to simulate how a real-life teacher engages with students. These skills can be accessed on Amazon Echo devices, as well as on the free Alexa app available for download from both Google Play and Apple's App Store.

AI-Empowered Students

Over the years, Career Launcher has become synonymous with providing cutting-edge technology solutions for its students. These range from exam-performance prediction to college selection.

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aspiration.ai - A Unified Portal

All our student services have now been integrated under a unified portal - aspiration.ai. It has been specially designed to cater to the education-related needs of the entire family.

About aspiration.ai

A powerful, online, 24X7 support platform that students can access as soon as they enroll with Career Launcher. It includes progressive testing modules, vocab-building, mentor interactions, peer forum, and regular updates, among others.


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Amicus - Transforming the Learner Experience

We have designed bots that rely on Conversational AI technologies. The objective is to allow students have a natural language conversation with their teachers and our online academic services.

Amicus, our AI Bot, built on Amazon's Lex platform, is currently helping over 10,000 students daily in building general knowledge & vocabulary, alongside learning about their college options. It is also assisting in preparing for exams, drafting college applications, and learning about the subjects.

Partnership with Amazon

To enhance India's educational-services landscape, CL Educate and Amazon have partnered to develop educational skills for voice-enabled bots.